Poached egg stuffing (cooked in the film)

Cooking:6 minutes Difficulty: Medium  Servings: 2 people Costs:
- 4 eggs
- 2 slices of bacon
- Q. B grated pecorino cheese
- Oil
- Sale
- pepper
- salmon
- Cheese and Pepper
- Ham and scamorza
Take a bowl or a stencil ceramic, wrap with plastic wrap, add a little oil and make the film adhere to any surface. At this point rompeteci inside the egg, bacon into small pieces, a spoonful of pecorino cheese, salt, pepper and closes with the help of a string or simply turning on itself the tip, making form a clump. Gently drop the bag got in a saucepan with water that already bubbles.
Let the eggs soak for 5-6 minutes being careful not to let her touch the bottom, helping with pliers to avoid even burn with boiling water. Once cooked, pour into a bowl of cold water, will help to raise the film. Be careful to pull up the egg, it is very delicate and breaks very easily.
To Serve in this case I used a slice of sandwich bread burnt on the plate, I supported the egg gently over and I accompanied with a tuft of chicory.