Pappardelle pasta with spinach

Cooking time: 10 minutes preparation of the dough about 1 hour Difficulty: Easy Servings: 4 people Cost:
Ingredients :
- 500 gr flour 00 
- Q.s. salt 
- 5 eggs
Preparation :
To prepare the dough green spinach put in a pan with a little water and salt, cover with a lid and cook. Once cooked, drain the excess liqudo aciugateli and then pass them to the mix. 
At this point pour into a bowl the flour, eggs (which you kept at room temperature), salt and cream of spinach just obtained, then mix in the ingredients. 
Your spinach pasta is ready. 
In this case I have stretched the half rolled on one side and half from the other flouring each step and then cut 1 cm in height to form the pasta that will get to cook for 5 minutes in salted water and then toss in a pan with butter and sage .