confectionery coconut and vanilla

Cooking: / Difficulty: Medium Serves: about 75 cupcakes Cost: 
- 500 g. mascarpone 
- 400 g. icing sugar 
- 400 g. of grated coconut 
- 200g of almonds 
- 350 gr. of vanilla wafers or chocolate 
- 200 g. of grated coconut (to brush the cakes) 
- As opsione to cover: pralline colored 
Put the mascarpone, icing sugar, grated coconut and wafer crumbs in a bowl and knead quickly. Shape into balls or squares (your choice) with freshly prepared dough and place in the center of each ball quadritino or almond. If the mandolarla would be a great mid-size is fine. Pass each ball in shredded coconut placed on a plate. A point regardless, put the candy in paper cups and refrigerate for at least three hours.
   Variant with Chocolate wafer                       Covered with colorful pralline